Our teams for different types of customers.

We're very focused on 3 strong customers types you can have a look at below. If you're one of those,  we would love to get in touch with you.

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Digital Agencies

We work as a workbench for digital agencies, closing the gap between consulting and dlivry.
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E-Commerce Players

We work for e-commerce players focused on dlivring customised ecommerce solutions.

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E-Commerce Vendors

We work for e-commerce solution providers backing up their professional services.

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​Digital Agencies serves teams highly specialised into our commerce tech portfolio for agencies.

​E-commerce Players serves teams for tech oriented e-commerce players.

​E-Commerce Vendors serves teams for e-commerce tech vendors and their professional services.


Let's get in touch, we would love to show you how we can dlivr high quality software development specialised in e-commerce mach technologies for you.

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