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Who we are

We support agencies and digital units of e-commerce players in solving their technical challenges with modern e-commerce technologies.

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Dlivr was founded by two guys who met and worked together in a digital agency located in germany. Together they wanted to focus in dlivring high class specialised software solutions for digital agencies without the water head.


Marcel Thiesies

CEO & Founder

With more than 15 years of digital commerce experience Marcel is responsible for business development & our remote product owners.

Senan Sharhan

CTO & Founder

With MSc in Computer Science and more than 3 years of digital commerce experience Senan is responsible for Cairo Development Center.

​A Few Words about our Story

What we had in mind while starting dlivr.io was the sole intention to create the biggest e-commerce near shoring company in Cairo working for D/A/CH clients. Helping them to create and maintain successful e-commerce architectures. That's why we focus on working for digital agencies, e-commerce pure players and e-commerce solution companies.

We work for several clients in e-commerce industry, serving two major differences between other near shoring companies. First, we are 100% focused in e-commerce technologies, and not just that, we're focused in the so called mach-technologies.

Second, we're not staffing developer talents and try to give them some work. We created an environment for them to improve their skills, stay interested in the stuff they do on a daily basis and at least, have a lot of fun creating wonderful things for our clients.

core values dlivred

Creating core values for a company is always hard, but not for us. Our values are manifested into our brand, so the brand is our fundamental belief and trust into our company and all employees.

We dlivr highest possible quality

Only the best results are able to scale and sell, we focus on high class quality for our dlivred results.

We dlivr valuable results

We trust in ourself, that's why we do not give away the risk. Clients pay for results, not the time.

We dlivr in time

In a ever and fast changing world, time matters. We know and respect this, so we always find the best solution.

Manifesto for Agile Software Development

We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it.
Through this work we have come to value.
That is, while there is value in the items on

the top, we value the items below more.

Individuals & Interactions

Over processes and tools.


Over comprehensive documentation.


Over contract negotiation.

Responding to 

Over following a plan.


We are focused on dlivring stuff based on frameworks, systems etc., but what we all have to learn is the base of everything. 100% focused.